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Latest news (19th February 2023):
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About the Society

The Altrincham and District Natural History Society provides a focus for natural history activities in the Altrincham area. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, with evening walks in summer and illustrated talks in winter. Additional whole day events are organised periodically.

Sightings from outings are recorded via the Greater Manchester Local Record Centre, GMLRC, and on our Facebook page. Previous sightings (2014 - 2017) are held on the Sightings Blog , documenting and illustrating sites visited and flora and fauna seen.

The society supports other wildlife and conservation groups, and has made donations to local natural history projects. We are active in recording and observing many of the sites visited by the society in past years, and we look forward to many more years of natural history, learning, making friendships and enjoying the countryside. Specialist knowledge is not important, but members have a keen interest in natural history and a love of the countryside.


Membership of the society is on an annual basis, with subscriptions due on 1st January. Subscriptions are 20 for adults and 5 for juniors up to 18 years old. This includes entrance to indoor meetings and access to all Zoom meetings. Non-members are welcome to attend indoor meetings with an entrance fee of 3.50. Non-members are also invited to access up to two Zoom meetings without charge, but will be expected to join in order to see more Zoom meetings.