I currently offer the following illustrated lectures. Please contact me if you would like more information about any of the talks or if you would like to book one of them.

UK and Ireland - Natural History and Landscapes
'In the North West' - Flora and a little Fauna in NW England
'Scottish Highlands and Islands' - Landscapes, Flora and a little Fauna
'The Peak District' - Changing Landscapes, Flora and a little fauna
Other possibilities for natural history and landscapes - please contact me to discuss.
'Laval Landscapes' - Canary Islands and Madeira.
'The Lofoten Islands' - Stunning Mountain Scenery with the Midnight Sun. (Digital, 2017) Lofoten Islands
Other possibilities in Europe - please contact me to discuss.
'Ticino' - Italian Switzerland. (Digital)
'The Engadin' - South East Switzerland. (Digital)
'The Azores' - Mid-Atlantic Isles (Digital, 2007)
'The Dolomites' - Summer sun, flowers and winter snow.
'Languedoc-Roussillon' - Cathar Country to the Pyrenees.
Africa - Safaris and Trekking.
'The Malawi Game' - National Parks in Malawi and Zambia. (1998)
'Tanzanian Topiary' - National Parks in Tanzania. (2000)
'Ethiopian Highlands' - Trekking in the Simian Mountains. (2001)
'Namibia - Out of the Fire and Into the Pan' - Namibian Dunes, Landscapes and Wildlife. (2003)
'Malagasy Endemics' - Lemurs and Leaf-tailed Geckos to Elephant's Feet. (Digital 2008)
'Around the Okavango' - Very wet and very dry in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. (Digital 2010)
'Yellow Manes to Silverbacks' - Maasai Mara to Virunga Volcanoes. (Digital 2014)
North and Central America - Natural History and Landscapes.
'The Olympics' - The Olympic National Park, Washington State. (2004)
'Costa Rican Highlights' - From the Atlantic to the Pacific. (Digital 2009)
'Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks' - Summer and Winter Wildlife and Geysers. (Digital 2011/2012)
This talk could be split into two separate talks.
'White Magic' - Snow and Ice scenes in Europe, Asia and America.
'In Search of Snow' - More Snowy Landscapes from Europe and North America, and Tykky snow from Scandinavia.
Skiing and Mountaineering Trips (with natural history).
'Amne Machin: Home of the Ngoloks' - Mountaineering in North East Tibet. (1987)
'The Celestial Mountains' - Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. (1995)
'A Short Stint in Siberia' - The Altai (Golden) Mountains of Siberia. (1995)
'Ski Touring in the Canadian Rockies' - The Wapta Icefield. (1997/1998)
'Rarely According to Plan' - Ski Touring in (mainly) Eastern Alps